Internship Seminar on FHI360 Was Held in GSICS

On April 30, Kobe University’s Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (GSICS) organized an internship seminar on FHI360 (formally Academy for Education Development: AED), an international nonprofit human development organization in Washington, DC, USA. Under the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between FHI360 and Kobe GSICS, many students from Prof. Ogawa’s Seminar have conducted internship at the FHI360 Washington, DC Office and have gained precious professional experiences.In the seminar, Ms. Rebecca Potts, a Program Officer of Global Education at FHI360, presented about the roles and activities of organization and provided consultation session to the students who are interested in conducting the internship.


In the first part of the seminar, she delivered a presentation entitled, “A 360-Degree Approach to Development”and more than 25 graduate students participated. The presentation started with an explanation of what FHI360 is and highlighted what kind of work its global education team is doing, by presenting detailed information of their main education projects. At the end of the presentation, she explained about the visiting scholar program (internship) and shared how the students could apply for the upcoming opportunities.

Following the presentation,a consultation session was held and some of the students got a chance to directly express their interests and obtained more information about the organization and the program. It is expected that they will seize the opportunities and our collaboration will be strengthened and expanded in the future.

By Katsuki Sakaue