Message from Ms. Jiaoli LU

My name is Lu Jiaoli, a member of Ogawa Zemi Alumni from China, as well as a double-degree student under CAMPUS Asia Program at Kobe University (Japan) and Fudan University (China). Due to program duration, I stayed in Kobe University for only one year (and obtained a Master of Economics from Kobe University). However, the experience is among the most fantastic memories in my life so far. Ogawa Zemi, where I empowered myself and embraced the world, offers a variety of opportunities for those who are interested in knowing about the international community and working with international organizations.

It is not easy to “survive” in Ogawa zemi, to be honest. We all experienced “growing pain” but that’s how we tapped latent potential to the best and pushed ourselves to accomplish what seems formidable.

Among all the useful lessons and skills I learned in Ogawa Zemi, proactivity should come first. Ogawa Zemi is seldom in lack of terrific opportunities. It takes courage and confidence to seize the right opportunity though. If it were not for the pro-activity acquired in Ogawa Zemi, I wouldn’t have had the courage and opportunity:1) to present my paper in the 2013 Comparative International Education Society’s (CIES) Conference held in New Orleans, USA; 2) to conduct internship at FHI360 (NGO) in Washington, D.C.; 3) to serve as a camp leader of KUMON 2013 English Immersion Camp (Shiga, Japan); and 4) to take part in the Young Ambassador Program held by Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat in Soul, South Korea.

All of these fantastic honorary experiences took place within the one year when I stayed with Ogawa Zemi! Professor Ogawa did the greatest job pushing me to step out of my comfort zone and achieve as much as possible. To make things better, Ogawa Zemi is more like a big family than a workshop. However, difficult a task may be, you are not fighting alone. Ogawa Zemi’s female and male students/alumni are always around the corner to offer generous help and kind support. Otherwise, I would not have completed my master degree so successfully within one year from Kobe University.

Ogawa Zemiis the best choice, if you want to internationalize your outlook, to make friends with people from all over the world, to get a bite of various snacks brought by our friends from different part of the world, or even to listen to cold jokes (Professor Ogawa is super good at it).

Ms. Jiaoli Lu
China Mobile
Master of Economics (Kobe University)
Master of Management (Fudan University)