Message from Dr. James WOKADALA
  • Degree: Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D.)
  • Position: Lecturer/ Consultant
  • Affiliation: Makarere University/ World Bank, UNICEF


Since the inception of my Doctoral studies at Kobe University two and half years ago, I have enjoyed every moment of my stay and study at GSICS, and particularly in Ogawa ZEMI. The staff both from Academic Affairs and Student General Affairs offices are very receptive, and make me feel at home. I am lucky to write my doctoral dissertation under supervision of Professor Ogawa and also proud to be associated with Ogawa ZEMI. Specifically, I have enjoyed and benefited from various research and field study opportunities that have enriched my thinking and study focus.

Particularly, I have had the opportunities to present my research work in various national and international conferences. Through the Teaching Assistantship under my Academic Advisor, I have been able to interact with several students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Such interactions have increased my understanding of diverse cultures and further widened by network of friends. I have strong conviction that whoever goes through GSICS becomes successful not only in academics but also in general life.