Message from Ms. Mariko TAKETANI

Ms. Mariko Taketani
Degree: Master of International Studies
Position: Assistant Coordinator
Affiliation: Education Project, Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA) Laos office,


I got many valuable opportunities such as field study, internship and the Double Degree Program in Ogawa seminar and GSICS. First of all, one of the most interesting experiences for me in Ogawa seminar and GSICS was conducting internship at the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) in Uganda. I could see how the Ministry worked on improving educational situation in Uganda and how they cooperated with other international organizations. It was a great opportunity for me to see the real situation in developing country and rethink the line of my study.I also got opportunity to study in the UK by taking part in the Double Degree Program. There are famous professors in the area of international development in Sussex University. I could deepen what I had studied in Ogawa seminar and GSICS by joining this program.Secondly, GSICS and Ogawa seminar often invite prominent researchers and practitioners as a lecturer, and hold many seminars and workshops related to educational development. In addition, carrier seminars provide very good opportunities to think about our carrier path. We have many alumni who are working at international organizations in the field of educational development. You can get invaluable advices from them which will help you make your future carrier plan. Thirdly, you can acquire skills in logical thinking, research and international communication, which are necessary to get a job in the field of international development as a professional. You can study education development from the perspective of economics and sociology in GSICS. Ogawa seminar will provide you opportunities to study theories of international development deeply and gain practical experience in various places around the world.

Moreover, you will have opportunities to present your research proposal and papers at academic conferences, which help your networking.You will get many colleagues all over the world and learn together with them. Even though you have lots of assignments, you are able to help each other. You can improve your English and improve your communication skills by interacting with oversea students. Understanding not only English but also each country’s culture is important to communicate with people from foreign countries. Especially in Ogawa seminar, as we have many oversea students, you will have many opportunities to brush up your communication skills.Why don’t you join GSICS and our seminar to make your world broaden?