Message from Ms. Mayra Valle TORRES

Ms. Mayra Valle Torres
Degree : Master of International Studies
Position : External Consultant
Affiliation : Coordination Center for Disaster Management of Central America (Intergovernmental Agency)


Hello, it is a great pleasure to write this message for all the candidates to enter GSICS in the close future. I had the opportunity to be part of the Education Seminar led by Professor Keiichi Ogawa from the year 2010 to 2012. Those three years were filled with great challenges and satisfactory learning experiences for me. I want to encourage everyone to take the chance to become an Ogawa Seminar member. This is a tough seminar, it will definitely demand your best efforts, but the rewards for your personal and academic life will be incredibly worthy. My professional experience was improved by participating in several training courses and by presenting in international conferences along with my Professor and classmates. I also took the chance to work internships in Japan and in Uganda, thanks to the great network nurtured by Professor Ogawa. My cultural knowledge has expanded in huge proportions.

GSICS has many great things to offer to all of you potential students. The quality of both the resident and visiting professors is of first level. The range of fields to study is wide and always interesting. The learning process is both theoretical and practical, and such empirical exercises have pushed my limits and made me discover new skills and capacities. GSICS and the Ogawa Seminar have certainly marked my life in all the positive ways. Finally, I cannot obviate to mention that I found great friends while studying in GSICS. The seminar becomes your family, and in my case, I had the fortune to be accepted into the family of Professor Ogawa, who cares so much about our aspirations and future. You will find an active and supportive adviser in this place.I hope you all join GSICS and then I will surely have the chance to meet you, because it is my goal to return to visit the lovely Kobe City and my dear classmates and Professor.