Welcome Party for New Ogawa Seminar Students

On Tuesday 6th October 2015, Ogawa seminar held a party to welcome international new students into the seminar. The party was attended by distinguished personalities namely Prof. John Weidman from Pittsburgh University, USA and H.E. Mr. Sothea Lim from the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth (MESY), Cambodia. Earlier that same day, Prof. Weidman had given a lecture in Kobe University’s Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (GSICS).

IMG_4806_zemi2Our Academic Advisor, Prof. Keiichi Ogawa started the party by giving a speech welcoming the new students to GSICS and to Ogawa Seminar in particular, and thanking Prof. Weidman and H.E. Mr. Lim for kindly attending the party. The new students were comprised of three doctoral students and three masters students. The doctoral students are; Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen who is a lecturer in Vietnam National University, Mr. Phal Chea who is from Cambodia and a World Bank consultant and Ms. Sokpanya Phon who is a MEXT scholar from Cambodia. The three masters students are; Mr. Loleka Yungu Bernard who is a MEXT scholar from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mr. Seil Kim and Mr. Jack Lee who are Campus Asia Double Degree Program students from Korea University.

Prof. Weidman and Prof. Lim also sent warm regards to everyone and mentioned the fact that Ogawa seminar is a very special seminar and is very beneficial to the students. Each of the new students was invited to give a short speech, which enabled each of them to express anticipation for a new and positive start to life in Kobe University.

Finally, the seminars members present conveyed congratulatory and welcome messages to the new students and thanked Prof. Keiichi Ogawa, Prof. John Weidman and H.E. Mr. Lim Sothea for attending the party. Thanks to Prof. Ogawa, the invited guests and Ogawa seminar students, the party was a wonderful opportunity for all participants to interact with each other and share experiences.

Authored by Yaqiong Wang
Master Student

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