Farewell Party for Graduating Students

On March 24, 2016, farewell party for graduating students from Ogawa seminar was held in Kobe-Sannomiya. Three doctoral students, ten master’s students, Molly-san who is a research student of Ogawa seminar, Professor Hamoud Al-Seyani from the Ministry of Education in Republic of Yemen, Mrs. Seyani, and 20 other students from Ogawa seminar participated in the event.

The party started with congratulatory remarks from Professor Ogawa. Students of Ogawa seminar delivered farewell messages and gave key cases with a stamp of Kobe University as a farewell gift to the graduating students. Graduates gave thank-you card and a present to show Professor Ogawa to show their appreciation. Graduates returned warm messages to current students and shared their experiences they have gained from Ogawa seminar.

The participants of the party enjoyed meeting other students from Ogawa seminar. On behalf of all the students in Ogawa seminar, I would like to demonstrate our gratitude to Molly-san, Professor Seyani and Mrs. Seyani, and Professor Ogawa for participating in this farewell party. I would also like to congratulate the graduates for the successful completion of their studies and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Authored by Nozomi SHIRAISHI
Master’s student