Internship at Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda (Kan Huayu)
Institution: Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda (MOES)
Supervisor in charge: Mr. Joseph Elior. Assistant Commissioner for the Department of Education Planning
Location: Kampala (capital city of Uganda)
Duration: September 1—22, 2013
Research Focus:  Physical school facilities and pupil learning achievement in primary schools.

During the summer vacation in 2013, I conducted my internship at the Ministry ofEducation and Sports, Uganda. The duration of this internship is about one month. Based on my research topic, which is “an analysis of the impact of physical school facilities on pupil learning achievement in Ugandan primary schools”. Mr. Emmanuel, who acted as the assistant of Mr. Eilor during our internship process. He looked through my research proposal and gave me helpful and practical suggestions on my research questions, which made my research much more feasible.

Furthermore, Mr. Emmanuel also introduced me to some directors and officers in the Ministry. I was able to make interviews with them, collecting useful data related to my study. For example, through the conversation with Mr. Deus Monday, who is in charge of Instructional management unit. I captured general condition of physical school facilities in primary level and practical problems the Ministry encountered in terms of investing in physical school facilities. Some other officers also provide me with valuable informations that is not available through internet. With their continuous help during my internship, I believe the completion of my master thesis will be relatively smooth than I was expected.

By the last day of my stay in Uganda, I went to the Entebbe wild life center with Japanese friends. This experience allowed me to interact with precious African animals on site. Moreover, it became one of the vivid and unforgettable memory of my African trip.

Last but not least, I would like to deliver the deepest appreciate to my academic supervisor Prof. Ogawa, who recommended me to conduct the internship at the MoES, Uganda. I feel that I benefited hugely from this experience, not only did I meet new people who I want to keep in touch with, cultural experience of living and working in a foreign country, but also as a reinforcement of subjects that I learned in GSICS, Kobe University. I hope more students can utilize such opportunity to achieve their goals.

By Kan Huayu