Welcome Party for New Ogawa Seminar Students

Ogawa seminar’s welcome party was held in a local BBQ restaurant on June 27th, 2016, and it was attended by Professor Keiichi Ogawa and 27 graduate students. The party was also attended by two professors from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand namely, Dr. Kirati Khuvasanond and Dr. Suwithida Charungkaittikul.

As of April 2016, six new students joined Ogawa seminar, of which two are doctoral students; three are master students; and one is a research student. The new doctoral students are: Ms. Najung Kim from South-Korea and a former Assistant Executive Director at International Monetary Fund (IMF); and Ms. Seongkyung Choi, also from South-Korea. The new master’s students are: Ms. Mami Tokuoka and Ms. Rio Nishihara, all from Japan; and Ms. Hui Cao from China. New research student is Mr. Md. Jahangir Alam, an Assistant Professor at the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh;

IMG_9556Moreover, Ms. Kana Takahashi and Mr. Masahito Motokawa, who completed their master’s degree in March 2016, entered doctoral program in April 2016. Ms. Jun Xu and Ms. Yanlin Man, former research students, also entered the master’s program in April 2016.

Professor Keiichi Ogawa started the party by welcoming the two professors from Chulalongkorn Unveristy to Kobe University and to the party. He went on to welcome the new students to the party, and to Ogawa seminar. Then, Professor Keiichi Ogawa invited the two professors to give short speeches. After wards, each all the new students were invited to give a short speech, introducing themselves. Senior seminar students sent congratulatory and welcome messages to the new students and thanked Professor Keiichi Ogawa, Dr. Kirati Khuvasanond, and Dr. Suwithida Charungkaittikul for attending the party.

The party ended with a word of welcome from Professor Keiichi Ogawa to the new seminar students and a word of gratitude to all the participants for attending the party. The welcome party was a wonderful opportunity for all the participants to interact, exchange research ideas and get to know each other.

Authored by Takao Okamoto
Master Student