Ogawa Seminar’s Welcome Party for New students

The welcome party of Ogawa Seminar took place in a BBQ restaurant near JR Rokkomichi Station November 2nd, 2016, and we celebrated two new research students who joined this fall semester. More than fifteen of Ogawa seminar’s members, including new students participated in the party.

Professor. Keiichi Ogawa started the party by delivering a welcome speech to the new students who just entered GSICS and Ogawa Seminar. In this speech, he encouraged them to enjoy the student’s life in Kobe and make great use of this opportunities to accomplish their dreams.

Ogawa seminar members also congratulated to join our seminar and sent warm welcome messages to the new students. Each of the new students was invited to make a short speech as well. It is always nice to meet with Ogawa seminar students to share our current updates, and we had a very enjoyable time with Professor Ogawa and new students.

Authored by Jun XU (Master Student)