Message from Dr. Keiko INOUE

Diversity is the best word to explain advantage which Ogawa seminar has. You may find that Ogawa seminar’s family members are from different part of the world. This characteristic gives you lots of opportunities in order to let yourself growth up. First, you can meet people from different countries and can know different culture, custom, socioeconomic situation, history, religion and so on which you have not known. They have own profession and it may inspire you to acquire expertise and consider career development.

Second, you can find lots of chances to make career through network with them, for instance internship at government institution, UN or NGOs, Development Bank etc in different countries.This opportunity let you know how international society has been organized and been functional, and you would find which organization is suitable for you and your ability. And then, diversity makes competitive environment and it is good chance to improve and develop you. Since all of members have different expertise and backgrounds, expectation to you or others sometimes becomes high. You may feel depressed and lose confidence because you find lack of knowledge, skill and ability comparing to others. But this is an important and good chance to develop your knowledge and skills. Discuss with others, help each other, and sometimes be relaxed together. Competitive situation is stressful of course, but is necessary spice to improve your skill and knowledge. Furthermore, your experience under such situation helps you to overcome difficulties when you start working in a professional field in future.

For the purpose of catching those opportunities, please be active or sometimes aggressive whenever you find good chance to develop you. Otherwise, you may lose time to improve yourself. Actually for myself, I enjoyed lots of opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge, and know different parts of the world regarding not only in the context of culture, religion, history but also career development. Thanks to such experience, I could open different worlds and expand perceptions. So, please do not be afraid of knocking a door and do go inside of a door if you think it is good chance to develop yourself.

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