Development Management Policy Seminar was held by Dr. Mari Shojo, Education Specialist of the World Bank

The development management policy seminar was held at the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (GSICS), Kobe University on August 28, 2017. Dr. Mari Shojo, who is an alumna of GSICS, Kobe University and is currently working for the World Bank as an education specialist, was invited and delivered the seminar entitled “What Do We Know about Instructional Time Use?: Observations from Primary School Classes in Sri Lanka”.

In this seminar, Dr. Shojo first gave us a presentation about the background of educational issues in Sri Lanka, objectives and significance of the study. She then explained how the research examined the opportunity to learn English in Sri Lankan primary schools and how that time is being used, in relation to official Government expectations. One of the interesting findings was that about 25 percent of time for learning opportunities in classes was lost due to teachers’ absenteeism. Participants acquired beneficial academic knowledge from such findings, as well as methodologies employed for the study, which is, “Classroom Snapshot Observation”.

After the presentation, there was Q&A session. Dr. Shojo answered the questions raised by the participants about research methodologies and findings. In addition to the academic information, Dr. Shojo kindly provided us with information about the work in the World Bank and how the World Bank works with governments in developing countries, which we found very useful.

On behalf of the students, I sincerely appreciate Dr. Mari Shojo for giving a wonderful academic seminar, and Professor Keiichi Ogawa for organizing this event.

Authored by Ryoma Kanazawa (Master Student)

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