GSICS Education Development Seminars’ Joint Dinner Party

On November 6th, 2017, three education development seminars’ joint dinner party was held in an Italian restaurant in Rokkomichi, Kobe City. Professor Keiichi Ogawa, Professor Kenshi Yamanouchi, Professor Masahiro Chikada, and Visiting Professor Eduardo Velez Bustillo participated in this event. In addition, education development seminar alumni, Dr. Miki Inui, (Associate Professor at University of Hyogo), Dr. Erika Eda, (Lecturer at Kobe Gakuin University) and more than 20 master and doctoral students from the three education development seminars joined the party.

Joint Seminar Party The party started by a toast of Dr. Bustillo to everyone`s health and success, and thereafter we spent a wonderful time with delicious Italian food and drinks. During the party, what impressed me the most is that the students had a precious time talking with professors and alumni about their research and future career prospects after the graduation. Not only that, the students had a chance to talk with other students from different education development seminars, and got to know each other.

On behalf of every student, I sincerely thank Professor Yamanouchi, Professor Chikada, Dr. Bustillo, Associate Professor Inui, and Dr. Eda for joining this dinner party, as well as Professor Keiichi Ogawa for co-organizing this wonderful event.

Authored by Taiga Yano (Master Student)

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