Farewell Party for Professor Eduardo and Mrs. Cuqui

On November 29th 2017, we had a farewell party for Professor Eduardo Velez Bustillo (a visiting professor at Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies Kobe University) and his wife, Mrs. Cuqui Bustillo at a Japanese style pub near Hankyu Rokko Station. Around 20 master’s and doctoral students took an intensive lecture, “Special Lecture on Development Management” taught by Dr. Eduardo from October to November. He worked at World Bank as Principal Education Specialist for Southern and Eastern Africa; Education Cluster Leader for Uganda and Tanzania; Human Development Sector Leader for China; and Education Sector Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, and for East Asia and the Pacific. Currently, he teaches at George Washington University and Beijing University.

Farewell party and Zemi BonenkaiProfessor Ogawa, Dr. Shimada (alumni of Professor Ogawa Seminar) and approximately 30 students studying under Professor Ogawa participated in the farewell party. In the party, each student gave a speech to Professor Eduardo and Mrs. Cuqui to express our deep gratitude for all the supports they provided us. We also made a short photo movie as a surprise present for them. Professor Eduardo and Mrs. Cuqui gave us speeches as well, which encouraged us very much.

It was valuable opportunity to take the lecture and to get enormous support from Professor Eduardo who has rich experience and knowledge in educational development sector. We would like to express sincere appreciation for all the support provided by Professor Eduardo and Mrs. Cuqui. They also participated in International Development Education Forum held in Nagoya on November 5th and 6th and Professor Eduardo joined the forum as a commentator. Many of students were able to receive his advice on their thesis. Mrs. Cuqui also kindly arranged a time for lunch with us. We could get to know more about World Bank and people’s daily lives in Washington D.C. from her point of view.

Five students from Professor Ogawa seminar are going to conduct internship at World Bank for 2 month in 2018. They are very much looking forward to seeing Professor Eduardo and Mrs. Cuqui again.

Written by Hiroki Hashi