Welcome Party for New Ogawa Seminar Students

On November 2nd, 2018, we had a welcome party for the new Ogawa seminar (zemi) students in a Chinese restaurant on Rokko Island in Kobe City. Professor Keiichi Ogawa and more than twenty of his graduate students participated in welcoming the new students.

In October 2018, four new students—two doctoral, one master’s and one research— joined the Ogawa seminar. The doctoral and master’s degree students are from Korea University in South Korea and Fudan University in China, both of which are linked to Kobe University through the Campus Asia Project, a student exchange program that includes double degrees.

Currently, more than 50 graduate students are conducting research under the supervision of Professor Ogawa, and such a gathering is a great opportunity for everyone to meet up and update one another about our research progress.

The Ogawa seminar also provides an excellent learning opportunity for those who want to work in the field of international development and cooperation in the future. It is because students will be able to gain not only cutting-edged academic knowledge and skills, but also practical knowledge and skills to perform well in development settings.

I wish the new students a productive and enjoyable stay in Kobe. Finally, I thank Professor Ogawa and his current students for participating in the welcome party.

Authored by Masaya Noguchi (Master’s Student)