Message from Ms. Jingjing SHAO

My name is Jingjing Shao, an international student from Beijing China. I have been in Prof. Ogawa’s seminar for three years. After my graduation this March, I came back to my hometown and now working here. I would like to share you my experience in Kobe.

In the field of study, Ogawa-seminar could provide you with many valuable opportunities. Last year, I had a chance to conduct internship in UNESCO Bangkok office for three months. The experience I had in UNESCO was very useful when I was doing job hunting and the life I had spent in Bangkok is sure to be very memorable for the rest of my life. Besides the internship opportunities, Prof. Ogawa often invites very famous professors all around the world to Kobe to give us classes and seminars, thus we can have very good relationships.

Ogawa seminar is one of the most popular one in GSICS. In our seminar, we have friends from many countries. You can make friends with people from different culture backgrounds. Also, you will have very good chances to practice your English or any other languages. Prof. Ogawa is very kind to us. He always tries his best to give more students, both Japanese and foreigners, more chances to study there.

Last but not least, if you are thinking about coming to Ogawa seminar, the priority is to be proactive. If you are not proactive enough, no matter how much chances professor would be able to offer you, you will lose all of them. Come to Ogawa seminar, it is sure to be a correct choice in your life!