Research Interest:

  • Child Labor, Basic Education, Impact Evaluation, Conditional Cash Transfer, Education Financing, Official Development Assistance (ODA).


  • Ph.D. in Economics, Kobe University (09/2018)
  • Master of Economics, Kobe University (09/2015)
  • Bachelor of Education, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia (07/2006)
  • Diploma of Multi-Media Network, Tokyo Technical College, Japan (03/2002)


  • Consultant, Nuppun Institute for Economic Research (Cambodia). (18 Oct. 2016-)
  • Consultant for Higher Education and Capacity Improvement Project (HEQCIP), World Bank Cambodia. (13 July 2015-)
  • Research Assistant for MEXT/UNESCO Project, Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies, Kobe University. (June 2014-)
  • Trainer for MEXT/UNESCO Project’s Workshop on “Education Finance and Administration,” Phnom Penh, Cambodia (9-12 February. 2015)
  • Research Assistant, University of Hyogo (March 2014)
  • Project Coordinator of Non-Formal Education Section, Shanti Volunteer Association, Cambodia (2010-2012)
  • Project Coordinator of International Exchange Division, Shanti Volunteer Association, Cambodia (2006-2009)
  • Translation and Interpretation, Shanti Volunteer Association, Cambodia (2002-2005)
  • Part-time translator, the Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA), Japan (2013-Now)
  • Part-time translator, Pyramid Service Co., Ltd, Cambodia (2006-2010)

Academic Association

  • Japanese Comparative Education Society (JECS)
  • Japanese Society for International Development (JSID)


  • UNESCO (2017). Ensuring Adequate, Efficient and Equitable Finance in Schools in the Asia-Pacific Region. Bangkok, Thailand: UNESCO Bangkok. (Chea, P. is a contributor on one of the country studies.)
  • Ashida, A. & Chea. P. (2016). School Finance in Cambodia. In Ogawa, K. (Ed.), Financing Basic Education: A Study on School Grants in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia (pp. 93-115). Kobe University (EN)
  • Chea, P. (2015). Situation of Cambodian Migrants in Thailand. In Inui, M. (Ed.), International Network Formation for Educational Assistance to Migrant Children Crossing Cambodia/Laos to Thai Border (pp. 17–24). University of Hyogo (EN)
  • Shoraku, A. & Chea, P. (2015). Toward the Network Establishment for Victim Relief. In Inui, M. (Ed.), International Network Formation for Educational Assistance to Migrant Children Crossing Cambodia/Laos to Thai Border (pp. 25–55). University of Hyogo (JP)

Academic Conference Presentation

  • Chea, P. “Does Expansion of Higher Education in Cambodia Make Access to Higher Education More Equal?” Paper presented at the Japan Society For International Development 18th Spring Conference, Kwansei Gakuin University, 03 June 2017.
  • Ashida, A. & Chea, P. “Key Findings and Recommendations on Efficient Teacher Placement in Cambodia” at MEXT/UNESCO Project’s Consultation Workshop, Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, December 2016.
  • Ogawa, K., Chea, P. & Ashida, A. “ Round-table Discussion on Study on School Finance in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar” at the 52th Japan Comparative Education Society’s Annual Meeting, Osaka University, Japan, June 2016. (E)
  • Ashida, A. & Chea, P. “Country Case Studies on School Grants and Finance in Southeast Asia: the Case of Cambodia” at Expert Meeting on School Finance in the Asia-Pacific Region, Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, Bangkok, Thailand, March 2016. (E)
  • Ashida, A. & Chea, P. “School Finance in Cambodia,” Paper presented at JSPS Core-to-Core Seminar on “Education Finance and Administration in Developing Countries and Public Policy,” Chaing Mai University, Thailand, 08 February 2016. (E)
  • Chea, P. “An Analysis on Child Working Hours on School Outcomes in Rural Cambodia,” Paper presented at the Development Research Forum Symposium 2015, Hotel Cambodiana, Cambodia, 15 September 2015. (E)
  • Chea, P. “Child Work and School Outcomes in Cambodia,” Paper presented at the International Education Development Forum 2014, Kobe University, 01 November 2014. (E)
  • Chea, P. “Child Labor and School Outcome in Cambodia,” Paper presented at the 50th Japan Comparative Education Society’s Annual Meeting, Nagoya University, Japan, July 2014. (E)
  • Inui, M., Notsu, T. & Chea, P. “Labor Mobility and Formation of Education Support Network in the Mekong River Basin: The Case of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia,” Paper presented at the 50th Japan Comparative Education Society’s Annual Meeting, Nagoya University, July 2014. (J).


  • Languages: Khmer (Native), English (Fluent), Japanese (Fluent)
  • Homepage design, website’s content management system (CMS)
  • MS Office, Stata, SPSS, Adobe Photoshop, MS Publisher
  • Photography

Message to Potential Candidates to Ogawa Seminar:

A big advantage of being a member of Ogawa seminar is the plenty of opportunities to building up strong academic networks for our future careers through participating international internship program, academic conferences both in Japan and overseas and various seminars conducted by world-class economists and education specialists. He always encourages us to be proactive and independent and that will benefit us in the real world. I am glad to be a member of Ogawa family.