Hisaharu OKUDA

Research Interest:

  • Comparative and International Education, International Education Development Study, Educational System, Curriculum Study, Education in Samoa and Small Island Countries


  • ŸPh.D. Candidate, GSICS, Kobe UniversityŸ
  • Master of Education, Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
  • Bachelor of Human Sciences, School of Human Sciences, Waseda University


  • ŸInternational Coordinator (Researcher), Hiroshima University(2010-)Ÿ
  • International Strategy Coordinator, Hiroshima University(2007-2009)Ÿ
  • JICA Program Formulation Advisor in Samoa(2004-2006)Ÿ
  • Research Associate at International Center for Engineering Education Development, Toyohashi University of Technology(2001-2004)Ÿ
  • JICA Short-term Expert at the Higher Education Development Project in Indonesia(2001)Ÿ
  • Sport Instructor at the Tokyu Sport Oasis Co. Ltd., (1997-1998)
  • Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer in Zimbabwe(1995-1997)


  • Okuda, H. (2014) “Chapter 21 Teachers in the Globalized Society”, in Sasaki T. eds. ‘Future School Education and Teachers’, Minerva Shobo.
  • Okuda, H. (2014) “Chapter 22 School in South Pacific, Samoa”, in Ninomiya, A. ed. ‘Schools in the World New Edition’, Gakuji Shuppan.Ÿ
  • Okuda, H. (2012) “Education in Samoa”, “Education in Tuvalu”, “Education in French Polynesia”, in Japan Comparative Education Society eds. ‘Comparative Education Dictionary’, Toshindo.Ÿ
  • Okuda, H. (2009) “A Study on Educational Development in Samoa”, Journal of Oceania educational studies 15.
  • Okuda, H. (2000) “Chapter 21, Kenya, Educational Reform toward Social Development”, “Chapter 22, South Africa, For the Learner-Centered Education” in Ninomiya, A. ed. ‘Society and School in 21st Century’, Kyodo Shuppan.

Academic Associations

  • Japan Society for International Development (JASID)
  • Japan Comparative Education Society (JCES)
  • Society of Oceania Education Studies

Academic Conference Presentation

  • ŸThe 49th Annual Conf. of Japan Comparative Education Society, “A Study of the Curriculum Reform for Primary School in Samoa”(Jul., 2013, Sophia University)Ÿ
  • The 16th Annual Meeting of the Society of Oceania Education Studies, “A Study of Relevance in Primary Education in Samoa” (Dec., 2012, Tamagawa University)Ÿ
  • The 48th Annual Conf. of Japan Comparative Education Society, “School Education and Challenges In Maldives” (Joint Presentation, Jun., 2012, Kyushu University)Ÿ
  • The 47th Annual Conf. of Japan Comparative Education Society, “A Study of Education Development and Relevance in Samoa” (Jun., 2011, Waseda University)Ÿ
  • The 62nd Annual Conf. of Chugoku-Shikoku Society for the Study of Education, “How does the International Student Assessment affect the Educational System and Contents?” (Joint Presentation, Nov., 2010, Kochi University)Ÿ
  • The 69th Annual Conf. of Japanese Educational Research Association, “A Study of Education in Samoa” (Aug., 2010, Hiroshima University)Ÿ
  • The 46th Annual Conf. of Japan Comparative Education Society, “Education Development and Relevance” (Jun. 2010, Kobe University)
  • Other 10 presentations

Language/ Skills

  • Japanese, English, Professional Experiences of Planning & Coordination

Message to Potential Candidates to Ogawa Seminar

Prof. Ogawa gives us his advices for our study from several perspectives such as Education, Development Study, Sociology, Economics, etc. Students with full time job including myself often tend to be lack of theoretical framework but only practical one. He encourages us to enhance both practical and academic abilities through learning of fundamental theories and background, current research methods, and practices.