Research Interest:

  • Education Policy, Comparative and International Education, Quality of Education, and Education Governance.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies, Kobe University (Mar. 2019)
  • Master of Public Policy, Meiji University (Sep. 2014)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education, Viet Nam National University (Jun. 2008)


  • Research Assistant, MEXT/UNESCO Projects on school finance, teacher placement, and innovative financing for ECCE, Kobe University (Jul.2015-present)
  • Research Intern, FHI360, Education Policy and Data Center, Washington, D.C. (Sep.-Oct.2016)
  • Consultant, Regional report on financing for early childhood care and education in Asia-Pacific region, Kobe University (Dec. 2015-Jul.2016)
  • Lecturer and Administrator at International School, Viet Nam National University (IS-VNU) (Jun.2010 – Sep.2015)
  • Secretariat, Administrator and Translator at the European Chamber of Commerce in Viet Nam (EuroCham Hanoi) (Aug.2009-Jan.2010)
  • Instructor of English for adults at EQuest Institution, Ha Noi, Viet Nam (Jan.-Jul.2009)
  • Class teacher and teacher of English at Dream House–Tri Viet International School, Ha Noi, Vietnam (Jul.-Dec.2008)
  • Teaching assistant at British Council, Ha Noi, Viet Nam (Jan.-Jun.2008)

Social and Volunteer Activities:

  • Volunteer in fund raising activities to support lunch for poor children in the Northern Mountainous Area of Viet Nam (Jul. 2013-Present)
  • Founder and Advisor of Students’ Club of Voluntary Activities, IS-VNU (2010-2012)
  • Representative of Vietnam Hosteling International for Hosteling International Asian-Pacific Regional CEO Meeting in Sydney, Australia (Dec.2009)
  • Leader of Vietnamese Delegation for Asian Youth Exchange in Singapore (Oct.2009)
  • Member and interpreter of Vietnamese Delegation for Asian Youth Exchange in Thailand (Jul.2009)
  • Volunteer translator of Child Fund Australia and World Vision in Vietnam (Jul.2006-Dec.2007)


  • UNESCO. 2017. Ensuring Adequate, Efficient and Equitable Finance in Schools in the Asia-Pacific Region. Bangkok: UNESCO. (Contributor) (E)
  • UNESCO. 2016. Asia-Pacific Regional Report: Financing for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). Paper commissioned for the Financing for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE): Investing in the foundation for lifelong learning and sustainable development (2016). Working paper. Bangkok: UNESCO. (Co-author) (E)
  • Benete, L. & Nguyen, H.T.T. (2016). School Finance in Viet Nam. In Ogawa, K. (Ed.), Financing Basic Education: A Study on School Grants in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia (pp. 93-115). Kobe University (E)
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  • Nguyen, H.T.T. & Laratta, R. (2012). Impacts of Language and Culture on the internationalization of higher education in Vietnam and Japan. Viet Nam National University, Ha Noi. pp 76-102. (E)

Academic Associations:

  • Comparative and International Education Society (CIES)
  • Japan Society for International Development (JASID)
  • Japan Comparative Education Society (JCES)

Academic Conference Presentation:

  • Nguyen, H.T.T. “Family Involvement in Early Childhood Education in Viet Nam: Discrepancy between Rural and Urban Areas” Publication Mentoring Workshop at the 63rdAnnual Meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), San Francisco, 14-18 April 2019. (E)
  • Nguyen, H.T.T. “Family Involvement in Early Childhood Education in Viet Nam: A Comparative Study between Rural and Urban Areas” Poster Presentation at the 29thJapan Society for International Development (JASID) Annual Conference, Tsukuba University, 23 November 2018. (E)
  • Sakaue, K. & Nguyen, H.T.T. “Developing strategies for efficient teacher placement at primary education circle in Viet Nam”, Paper presented at research dissemination workshop, Ministry of Education and Training, Hanoi, Viet Nam, 29 November 2016. (E-V)
  • Ogawa, K. & Nguyen, H.T.T. “Financing Early Childhood Care and Education in Vietnam,” Paper presented at JSPS Core-to-Core Seminar on “Education Finance and Administration,” Kobe University, Japan, 12 July 2016. (E)
  • Benete, L. & Nguyen, H.T.T. “School Finance in Vietnam,” Paper presented at JSPS Core-to-Core Seminar on “Education Finance and Administration in Developing Countries and Public Policy,” Chiang Mai University, Thailand, 08 February 2016. (E)
  • Nguyen, H.T.T. “Access and Quality of Primary Education for Children of Ethnic Minority Groups in Vietnam: Impacts of the National Hunger Eradication and Poverty Reduction Program,” Research proposal presented at the International Education Development Forum (IEDF) 2015, Waseda University, Japan, November, 2015. (E)
  • Nguyen, H.T.T. & Laratta, R. “Impacts of Language and Culture on the internationalization of higher education in Vietnam and Japan,” Paper presented at the Internationalization of Higher Education: North-South Perspectives International Conference, Vietnam National University, Vietnam, July, 2012. (E)

Language/ Skills:

  • Vietnamese (Native), English (Fluent), Japanese (Intermediate)
  • SPSS, R, Nvivo, Microsoft Office

Message to Potential Candidates to Ogawa Seminar:

Prof. Ogawa’s Seminar is “UNIQUE!” This is really an ideal environment for those who want to robust their career in the development area. Prof. Ogawa is extremely good at encouraging and pushing his students to be proactive and able to work independently, which is vital for their future career. Joining his seminar will give you the chance to access to a huge international network in the field of comparative and international education. In addition, he always encourages students to present their papers at academic forums and conferences and gives them chances to get involved in research projects with international organizations such as UNESCO and UNICEF. Professor Ogawa is a very kind and generous person who always support his students’ development, and I feel so lucky that I chose Ogawa seminar for my doctoral study. I strongly believe that joining Ogawa family will be anyone’s precious and unique experience ever.