Research Interest

  • Economics of education, Sociology of education, Girls’ education in developing countries, Multilingual education


  • Master of Economics, Kobe University [Expected] (March, 2018)
  • Bachelor of International Studies, Korea University (Feb, 2014)


  • International Business Department, Ci Medical (Apr 2014- March 2016)


  • N/A

Academic Conference Presentation

  • Nishihara, R. “Challenges and Evolution at Secondary Education Level in Morocco,” Proposal presented at the International Education Development Forum (IEDF) 2016, Seoul National University, Japan, October, 2016.
  • Nishihara, R. “Impact of Hidden Curriculum in Multilingual Education on Girls’ Education in Morocco,” Proposal presented at the 17th International Conference on Education Research (ICER), Seoul National University, South Korea, October, 2016.

Language/ Skills

  • Japanese, English, Korean
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Message to Potential Candidates to Ogawa Seminar

Studying under Prof. Ogawa’s seminar, is very unique because you get to experience the diverse environment where students from various countries communicate and discuss in English. As a member of Ogawa seminar, I’m learning much from other students with different academic and professional background to broaden my perspective. Besides, Prof. Ogawa provides all students with opportunities of conducting internship in international organizations, such as World Bank, UNICEF, UNESCO and FHI360. Moreover, Ogawa seminar students have the prospect of presenting their respective research studies in international conferences. For instance in 2016, I presented my research work at the International Education Development Forum (IEDF, 2016), held at Seoul National University. In the same year (2016), I participated in a field study conducted in Washington D.C., which was organized and coordinated by Prof. Ogawa. Through these experiences, I was able to receive valuable comments on how to improve my master thesis, and learnt what kind of skills are needed in order to obtain a job and survive in the highly competitive international organizations. Since I joined Ogawa seminar, I have been able to meet and interact with different people who are experts in the field of international development. As a results, I have been able to expand my career possibilities, and re-think my career objectives in a more realistic way. I strongly believe that all these experiences will be a huge step towards a brighter future for any student joining Ogawa seminar, especially if one is interested in working in the international development field after graduation. If you are ambitious, smart, hardworking and proactive, this seminar is your place, so join us to expand and enrich your life’s experience and horizon.