Research Interest

  • Education and Development, Quality of Education, Africa, Primary school, Teacher Training, Pre-primary school


  • Master of International Studies (MIS) in International Education Development, GSICS, Kobe University (Apr. 2013-present)
  • Bachelor of Law, Osaka University of Economic and Law (Mar. 2011)
  • SOAS, University of London (Jul.-Dec. 2008)


  • Office clerk, Osaka University of Economic and Law (Apr. 2011- Mar. 2012)
  • International Student Seminar (Aug. 2009, 2010)
  • Internship at CERT Malawi University (Sep. 2013)

Academic Associations

  • Japan Society for International Development (JASID)
  • Japan Comparative Education Society (JCES)

Academic Conference Presentation

  • The 14th International Conference on Education Research (Oct. 2013)
  • The 12th African Education Research Forum (Oct. 2013)

Language/ Skills

  • Japanese(Native), English(intermediate)
  • MS Word, Excel, Power Point

Message to Potential Candidates to Ogawa Seminar

I watched a movie about the lives in Africa while studying at SOAS. After that, I studied about the influence of globalization to the developing countries at SOAS, and poverty reduction and sustainable development during International Student Seminars. Now I believe that educational development is critical for poverty reduction and sustainable economic growth in developing countries, though it’s robust issue. Time passes drastically every day at Ogawa seminar. Prof. Ogawa provides us many opportunities to achieve our goals. They’re always tough but worth challenging for our future. Why don’t you study with us at Ogawa seminar, GSICS. I’m looking forward to seeing you GSICS week or next spring!