Core-to-Core Program (Asia-Africa Science Platforms) 

GSICS has implemented the project on “Study on Education Finance and Administration in Asia and Africa: A Sustainable Program to Nurture Young Researchers” with the researchers in East Asia, Southeast
Asia, Middle East and East Africa. (Prof. Keiichi OGAWA: Project Coordinator)

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CAMPUS Asia Program for Careers on Risk Management Experts in East Asia

This Program aims at establishing a hub for training experts on managing various risks in a context of the globalized East Asian relations. The program is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in Japan. Three graduate schools in China, Korea and Japan, namely, the School of International Relations and Public Affairs in Fudan University, the Graduate School of International Studies in Korea University, and the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies in Kobe University, have formed a consortium for the Program. The Program will further foster international professionals specialized in risk management through double-degree and student exchange programs in the consortium. (Prof. Keiichi OGAWA: Task Manager)

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MEXT UNESCO Activities Support Project

GSICS has contributed to the UNESCO Activities Support Project by developing a training guidebook (manual) on education finance and administration in ASEAN countries, in collaboration with their ministry of education officers and UNESCO education experts. (Prof. Keiichi OGAWA: Principal Investigator)

JICA Group Training

Since 2010, GSICS has provided JICA Group Training (Education Finance and Administration: Focused on Education Quality, Equity and Internal Efficiency) to high-level education officers from the Ministry of Education in Africa, Asia and Middle East. This training enables participants to gain an in-depth understanding of how education finance and administration policy promote the quality and equity of education under the implementation of decentralization policy. (Prof. Keiichi OGAWA: Training Course Leader)

Asia-Africa Universities Dialogue (Phase III)

GSICS has also participated in the Asia-Africa Universities Dialogue, which is recognized by UNESCO’s University Twinning and Networking (UNITWIN). This project aims to enhance research capacity development in education through collaborative research among Asian and African universities. Currently, thirty universities from eighteen countries have participated in this project, which has been recognized as a good project in the Japanese ODA Education Cooperation Strategy. (Prof. Keiichi OGAWA: Principle Investigator at Kobe University)

Past Program

Yemen Girls Education Project

From 2005 to 2012, GSICS has participated in a joint venture with a development consultant firm and implemented a girls’ education project known as BRIDGE project aimed to increase girls’ enrollment and improve the quality of education. The BRIDGE Project was introduced in the Japanese ODA Education Cooperation Strategy as “Best Practices”. (Prof. Keiichi OGAWA: Project Leader at Kobe University)