Message from Ms. Mao Qi

It is a great pleasure to write messages to potential students who plan to join Ogawa Seminar (zemi) in the near future. I must say I have enjoyed every moment of my stay in GSCIS at Kobe University.

In GSICS, you are entitled to learn a wide range of knowledge regarding development cooperation, education and economics from experienced professors. Top-level visiting professors from international organizations, such as World Bank and UNESCO, are also invited to deliver lectures; therefore, the cutting-edge knowledge can be acquired without going abroad.

Professor Ogawa offers a variety of internship and field-study opportunities, from which I benefited a lot. I want to thank Professor Ogawa for his kind recommendation when I applied for internship positions. I conducted my internship at FHI360 (an international NGO located in Washington DC, USA) and UNESCO Bangkok. During the internship, I was able to participate in a variety of projects and high-level conferences. Working closely with the professional staff enabled me to realize how important to be proactive, work timely, collaboratively, and efficiently.

I prefer to call our seminar ‘Ogawa Family’ since it really makes you feel at home. Although the family members come from different parts of the world, we learn to embrace the differences and live together. As you may see from the seminar’s HP, ‘Be proactive’ and ’Think big and get job done’ are our mottoes. The assignments of Ogawa seminar may be tough, but once you get used to it, you will find incredibly worth rewards. Hope you can join us in Kobe and participate in the ‘panda-themed’ birthday party!

Ms. Mao Qi
Master of Economics, Kobe University
Officer, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ (China)