Development Management Policy Seminar: Basic Education’s Local Curriculum and Teaching Performance based on Learner-Centered Approach in Thailand

Professor Anurak Panyanuwat, from Chiang Mai University in Thailand delivered a presentation entitled, “Basic Education’s Local Curriculum and Teaching Performance based on Learner-Centered Approach in Thailand”. The presentation was held on Tuesday 30th June 2015, in the main conference room of Kobe University’s Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (GSICS), and chaired by Professor Keiichi Ogawa. The presentation title falls within the broad topical issues under the development management policy seminar.

IMG_1796Prof. Anurak Panyanuwat’s seminar focused on the following major issues: 1) basic education provision system in Thailand; 2) teaching performance based on Learner-Centered Approach through “Khit-pen” or rational thinking philosophy and teacher competency requirements in Thailand, which include Core, Functional and Professional Competency; 3) integrated approaches for community linkage competency and curriculum design. In order to illustrate the above issues clearly, Prof. Panyanuwat introduced to the students the concept of knowledge acquisition and lifelong education from three aspects: human and technological factors; knowledge acquisition process and required competencies.

After the presentation, Prof. Keiichi Ogawa welcomed questions from the seminar participants, based on the various topical issues covered during the presentation. Dr. Anurak Panyanuwat kindly responded in detail to all the questions raised, as well as clarifying issues and areas mentioned by the participants as being unclear. All in all, this seminar provided participants with the to broaden and deepen their respective as well as gain the knowledge of how to promote basic education’s local curriculum, teaching performance based on learner-centered approach from the academic point of view.

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Authored by Man Yanlin & Takao Okamoto