Jungmi PARK

Research Interest:

  • Education Development, Girls Education, Malawi, Life Skills Education, HIV/Aids


  • Master Student in International Education Development, GSICS, Kobe University (Apr. 2013-present)
  • Faculty of Comtemporary Social Studies, Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts (Apr. 2005- Mar. 2009)


  • Visiting Researcher, University of Malawi (CERT) (Jul. 2014-Oct. 2014) [Expected]
  • Student Assistant, JICA Group Training (Apr. 2013-present)
  • Saturday Schoool and Intensive Course Coordinator, Osaka YMCA International School (Jul. 2010-present)
  • Visiting Researcher, University Of Malawi (CERT) (Sep. 2013)
  • Japanese Assistant Teacher: Emerald Secondary College (Apr. 2009-Mar. 2010)


Academic Associations

  • Comparative and International Education Society (CIES)
  • Japan Society for International Development (JASID)
  • Japan Comparative Education Society (JCES)

Academic Conference Presentation

  • The 50th Japan Comparative Education Society in Nagoya (Jul. 2014) [Expected]
  • The 58th Annual Conference of The Comparative & International Education Society Society in Toronto (Mar. 2014)
  • The International Education Development Forum (Hiroshima University, Dec. 2013)
  • The 14th African Education Research Forum (Waseda Unniversity, Japan, Oct. 2013)
  • The 13th International Conference on Education Reserach (SNU, Korea, Oct. 2013)

Language/ Skills

  • Language: Japanese(Native)/ Korean (Native)/ English(Fluent)
  • MS: Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint/ Publisher
  • Others: STATA/ Corel/ Teacher’s License of Civics

Message to Potential Candidates to Ogawa Seminar

To learn about education statistics and education economics, that is why I am following Prof. Ogawa. My studies will be focused on education development, quality of education, and primary education.My research is on the quality of Laotian primary education. Prof. Ogawa is one of the best professors in education economics. Although this year our assignment is quite challenging and required to be all in English, I strongly feel it will help me further my knowledge and experience in this field. And also I am sure you will find motivated students and countless opportunities in this seminar. Why not join our seminar? There are many important things you will gain from GSICS, Ogawa seminar and us.Education opportunities affect our whole life. Welcome to this new plane!