Message from Dr. Mari SHOJO
  • Dr. Mari Shojo
  • Degree: Master of Economics, Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D.)
  • Position: Education Specialist
  • Affliation: World Bank Headquarters


IMG_0889I am currently working at the World Bank. My career at the World Bank started with Internship in 2009 when I was in the final stage of my PhD in GSICS. When I joined GSICS, I was a student who had a dream to work in international organization. However, honestly I was not sure whether I had enough ability to be competitive in international development field. Without a doubt, it was GSICS and Ogawa seminar that equipped me with knowledge and experience, made me confident and guided me along my career path.GSICS has eminent professors in various areas of development studies. I learned a lot from them, not only development theories and but also practice. GSICS and gave me practical opportunities such as internship in Brazil JICA office, World Bank HQs, University of Malawi, field research in Malawi and Egypt and study tour in the USA. With these, my field experience had been built up and my expertise had been developed. Number of opportunities which are open to students at GSICS is much larger than in any other top graduate schools in Japan, US or UK.

Moreover, English is used as communication language at Ogawa seminar and many classes. At first, you may get overwhelmed by an enormous amount of reading and reports, but you will get used to it like I did. My English ability in writing, speaking and reading was improved by the practice in Ogawa seminar. Prof. Ogawa always encourages students to develop field experience, join international conferences and seminars, and expand their network. His great encouragement and guidance helped me be proactive and provided me with confidence.It is unfortunately true that getting job in international organization is not easy task as the job market in this field is very competitive. However, I strongly believe that a chance is higher if you are well equipped and confident in who you are and what you have – knowledge and experience. GSICS equips you with knowledge and experience and is the best place to reach your goal.