Field Study in Washington, D.C. (Jingyuan MA)

From 9 March, 2015 to 20 March 2015, I participated in the 59th annual conference of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES 2015), and the field study conducted by Professor Keiichi Ogawa in Washington DC, USA.

The venue of the CIES 2015 annual conference was Hilton Washington Hotel, and it lasted a total five days (9th—13th Match 2015). I attended the presentation by Prof George, Prof. Harry, and Prof. Martin, and other very interesting sessions about education in some countries. One of that I was interested in was the presentation, which the topic was the impact of Confucius on Education in China. Although I do not agree with some points from the presenter, it also gave me another perspective to think about the traditional culture in China.

This field study contains various activities, including visits to international organizations including World Bank, FHI 360, joining seminars given by education specialists, visit to university George Washington University. During this period of time, I learned a lot from the organizations we visited, as well as those specialists who gave us presentations and speeches. Among a variety of topics we discussed with specialists, what impresses me most is the talk with Dr. Bhargava, his class, which the topic was Country Systems. Dr. Bhargava not only explained his experiences of his work in World Bank, but also explained some challenges of World Bank. And in this talk Prof. Ogawa gave us a very previous lesson about table manner. I also learned a lot from the specialists’ career experiences, especially I learned from Dr. Takamatsu that the important of economic.

Jingyuan Ma
Master Student