Students of Ogawa Seminar Presented at GSICS Open Campus

On June 18, 2016, Ms. Kana Takahashi, Ms. Yaqiong Wang, and myself, Nozomi Shiraishi, conducted presentations for prospective students at GSICS Open Campus. Ms. Kana Takahashi, who obtained her master’s degree this March from GSICS, Kobe University and is currently working for a consulting company called Padeco, advised students about “Campus Life and Careers after Graduation.” Ms. Yaqiong Wang and I, second year graduate students in Ogawa seminar, shared our experiences on “Overseas Internship and Training.” All of us participated in a Questions and Answers session and communicated with GSICS Open Campus participants.

During her presentation on “Campus Life and Careers after Graduation,” Ms. Takahashi talked about her experience in GSICS and about her current work. While she was at GSICS, Ms. Takahashi also obtained her master’s degree from the University of East Anglia in UK through Double Degree Program. She also conducted her internship at the Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda and FHI 360 in Washington, D.C. She explained about the programs she had participated while she was in GSICS to inform the prospective students about the opportunities they can benefit from GSICS. Furthermore, Ms. Takahashi introduced her current position as an education and evaluation consultant to explain how the knowledge she acquired in GSICS is being utilized for her work.

Ms. Wang and I shared our experiences as an intern during the session on “Overseas Training and Internship” to the open campus participants. Ms. Wang began by introducing the assignments she was engaged in while she was an intern at FHI360. She also shared her opinion about the role and the work environment of International NGO that she learned during the internship. After the presentation of Ms. Wang, I presented about my experience as an intern at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MOEYS) in Cambodia. First, I explained the outline of the internship, including my objectives, activities, and the outcome of the internship. I also shared my opinion that experiences in the MOEYS helped me obtain a desired job opportunity at a consulting company. For the final part of this session, Ms. Takahashi, Ms. Wang, and I interacted with the prospective students by responding to their questions. We gave them advice about the entrance exam and also explained in details about the activities in which we participated in GSICS.

GSICS Open Campus was a wonderful opportunity to explain about the activities in Ogawa seminar and introduce the career trajectory of GSICS graduates. We, the presenters, also gained from GSICS Open Campus by reflecting on our experiences in GSICS, resetting our goals, and planning the next steps we should be pursuing following our departure from GSICS in order to achieve those goals. We would like to thank all of the GSICS Open Campus participants for coming to GSICS and listening to our presentations.

Authored by Nozomi Shiraishi, Master’s Student